SSA No-Match Victory Rally

On Friday, October 12, a few dozen people gathered in front of the Social Security Administration offices in Denver to celebrate the temporary injunction handed down by a San Francisco Federal Judge, ordering the SSA to not send out Department of Homeland Security letters threatening employers with fines if they do not act to rectify discrepencies within ninety days. Taylor Pendergrass of the ACLU of Colorado spoke at the rally explaining some of the details of the case. Leslie Moody, President of the Denver Area Labor Federation, made some comments about the potential harm this rule could cause to working people and their families in a country where labor laws have become severely dilluted over the past couple of decades. Reverend Daniel Klawitter of the Front Range Economic Strategy Center discussed the moral aspect of criminalizing work, and the importance of keeping this rule from being enacted. Following the speakers, Scott Kwasny, of Colorado Jobs with Justice, read a few lines from a no-match letter the group had to deliver to the Social Security Administration. The two foot by three foot letter was then signed by all those in attendence, joining a list of several organizations who represent the voices of thousands of people. Scott was surprised when the Social Security Administration actually sent a representative down to the lobby of the Federal Building to meet with him and receive the poster sized letter. Below are photos from the action and a video will be posted here by the end of the day. Thank you to all who attended. Because this is a temporary injunction, please contact the Social Security Administration and let them know that they need to STOP NO-MATCH PERMANENTLY!


Social Security Administration
1961 Stout St., Room 1052
Denver, CO 80294


Marching and chanting "JUSTICE FOR WORKERS! STOP NO MATCH!"

Scott Kwasny of Colorado Jobs with Justice. The Social Justice Emcee!

Taylor Pendergrass of the ACLU of Colorado.

Leslie Moody, President of the Denver Area Labor Federation.

Reverend Daniel Klawitter of the Front Range Economic Strategy Center.

Signing on to the no-match letter.

Our no-match letter.

The flyer from the rally.

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