What Have the Unions Ever Done for Us?

A great post from Australia about the impact of Labor Unions. An important discussion with Colorado facing "Work for Less". Thanks to Piper for the link. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

where did jwj go? did you run out of money? let's hold a fundraising. it should be more than the videos on this sight. what about organizing together like we used to. remember the rtd strike not so long ago. now i don't know what's going on from this sight. can you give more informative about local doings.? my union still pays monthly dues. now we don't even hear about meetings or anthing. i'm sure you are busy. please do not take it the wrong way --we want to help. me and my husband used to all the time pitch in, but now we don't know what is going on with jwj. let us know what we can do. and God bless jwj

scott- said...

Thanks for the comment. JWJ is still functioning. We need folks like you to help rebuild the organization! The previous Director left and there was nobody leading the organization for a while. I started in August and there have been several events. Do we have your contact info? There will be a fundraiser on Wednesday, April 9th, at 7pm at the Oriental Theater. There will also be an action at Chipotle HQ on April 2nd at noon. I will post flyers for both on this site by tomorrow. Please email me so I can touch base with you and make sure that you are plugged in. SOLIDARITY! scott-