David Sirota Speaks at today's Showdown @ HIGH NOON

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the rally today. Footage of Scott Kwasny and Jessie Ulibarri will be posted soon. PLEASE call your representative and tell them NO TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUT OF WALL STREET!

Congressional Phone Numbers:

Messages to Congress.

• Don’t be stampeded into a bad bail-out plan. Bush/Paulson were cooking up their ‘blank-check’ bail-out scheme for months before dropping it on everyone.

• Don’t just bail-out a reckless, unaccountable system; build one that works!
o Adopt a short-term, emergency credit plan that includes public ownership ($1.25 in equity for every $1 of public cost) for public assistance or support to the institutions seeking help
o Restructure our financial system from the Fed on down, including
• Create or expand public and community-owned alternatives to the reckless privatized system (e.g. govt banks, social investment funds, community development financial institutions)
• strong public oversight and re-regulation of the private system, to protect consumer, worker and pensioner interests

• Make the people that caused and benefited from the crisis pay for it
o Enact a financial transactions tax
o Adopt a tax on accumulated wealth over $10 million
o Cap executive pay
o Eliminate tax-deductibility of executive compensation more than 25 times the lowest paid worker

• Address the foreclosure crisis and the bursting of the housing bubble so as to prevent people from being evicted, through bankruptcy reform and ‘right to rent’ provisions.

• Commit to fast tracking an economic recovery plan including the following:
o A new tax system that favors work over wealth
o Overhauling the pension and health care system to protect workers and retirees
o An economic recovery plan that promotes ‘green collar’ jobs, good wages, the right to organize, infrastructure … and a bunch of other measures that would make our economy work for everyone

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