Supermarket Swindle

Robert Greenwald, director of Wal Mart: The High Cost of Low Price and Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, is working on a new film called Supermarket Swindle. This latest effort chronicles the struggles of Southern California grocery workers in their fight for a just contract. Take a few minutes to watch the preview posted above and check out the website by clicking here for more information.


ACTION ALERT! - Justice for Janitors

Following the successful action at Park Meadows Mall on Saturday, the intimidation of the workers continued. From Kathy Michienzi of SEIU local 105:

After the action, two workers entered the mall with a union organizer all wearing their justice for janitors t-shirts. They were approached by security who required them to change their shirts in order to be in the mall. They all complied and returned to the mall so the workers could pick up their paychecks. While the workers were in the office getting their checks the union organizer was surrounded by 6-8 security guards...He was told that union activity is not allowed on Park Meadows property. This was all done in view of workers.


Call Pamela Schenck the General Manager of Park Meadows Mall at 303.792.2999 or email her at Pamela.schenck@generalgrowth.com.


Justice for Janitors - Video and Media Links

Here is the video from the action. There are also related stories from Colorado Confidential here and here.


Justice for Janitors

On Saturday, August 25th, about fifty people gathered outside Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado, to show support for janitors who are trying to unionize and are being threatened by their employer, the Millard Group. Among the supporters were State Representative Morgan Carroll, Reverend Daniel Klawitter of the Front Range Economic Strategy Center, members of SEIU local 105, supporters of El Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores, and Colorado Jobs with Justice. We are proud to stand in support of the janitors in this fight for their right to form a union. Video from the action will be posted here soon.



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