ACTION ALERT! - VOTE NO! ON 47, 49, and 54!

It's that time again. Time to VOTE! Don't forget to vote NO! on amendments 47, 49, and 54! Here is a letter from our friends at Protect Colorado's Future explaining what these amendments will do and steps you can take to help in the struggle to protect the working people of Colorado.

Dear Friends,
Protect Colorado’s Future is a non-profit organization focused on the issues that matter to families in our state, like creating good paying jobs and increasing access to affordable health care. We are made up of Colorado local businesses, unions, progressive groups, faith based organizations and community allies who are working together to stop out-of-state corporate interests from playing political games with our state and put the focus back on the serious issues facing Coloradans.

Protect Colorado’s Future is working to oppose three deceptive amendments - 47, 49 and 54 – that will be on the ballot this November. These ballot measures would make it harder for firefighters, nurses, teachers and police officers to advocate for changes that would keep them – and us – safe.

Vote No on Amendment 47 which would limit the ability of our firefighters, nurses, teachers and police officers to advocate for changes that keep them – and us- safe. This measure is so extreme that leaders in the business community, such as the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Golden Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Bankers Association are all joining working Coloradans to oppose it!

Vote No on Amendment 49 which would limit the way firefighters, nurses, teachers and police officers can choose to spend their hard-earned paychecks. Public servants should not have fewer rights than private sector employees. A similar proposal has been rejected by California, Oregon, and Nevada voters on multiple occasions.

Vote No on Amendment 54 unfairly silences any person, or family member, of anyone who works on a government contract from contributing to a candidate and/or advocating for an issue at any level – while creating big loopholes for drug, oil and energy companies.

Help us to stop the out-of-state special interests and their divisive amendments so that Coloradans can focus on the issues that matter.

You can help by:

Going door to door to speak with voters
Writing a letter to the editor
Endorsing Protect Colorado’s Future and our opposition to these three Amendments
Emailing friends, family and contacts
Organizing a house party
Volunteering at events

If you agree that it's time to focus on the real issues facing Colorado, please contact Allison Halprin Denver Metro Organizer at 303-241-0557 or check out our website, www.protectcoloradosfuture.org for more information.

Please help the working families of Colorado by VOTING NO ON THESE DANGEROUS AMENDMENTS! If passed, they will be near impossible to get rid of.


Sorry it took me so long to get this footage posted of Jessie Ulibarri of the Colorado Progressive Coalition speaking at the SHOWDOWN @ HIGH NOON a couple of weeks ago.


David Sirota Speaks at today's Showdown @ HIGH NOON

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the rally today. Footage of Scott Kwasny and Jessie Ulibarri will be posted soon. PLEASE call your representative and tell them NO TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUT OF WALL STREET!

Congressional Phone Numbers:

Messages to Congress.

• Don’t be stampeded into a bad bail-out plan. Bush/Paulson were cooking up their ‘blank-check’ bail-out scheme for months before dropping it on everyone.

• Don’t just bail-out a reckless, unaccountable system; build one that works!
o Adopt a short-term, emergency credit plan that includes public ownership ($1.25 in equity for every $1 of public cost) for public assistance or support to the institutions seeking help
o Restructure our financial system from the Fed on down, including
• Create or expand public and community-owned alternatives to the reckless privatized system (e.g. govt banks, social investment funds, community development financial institutions)
• strong public oversight and re-regulation of the private system, to protect consumer, worker and pensioner interests

• Make the people that caused and benefited from the crisis pay for it
o Enact a financial transactions tax
o Adopt a tax on accumulated wealth over $10 million
o Cap executive pay
o Eliminate tax-deductibility of executive compensation more than 25 times the lowest paid worker

• Address the foreclosure crisis and the bursting of the housing bubble so as to prevent people from being evicted, through bankruptcy reform and ‘right to rent’ provisions.

• Commit to fast tracking an economic recovery plan including the following:
o A new tax system that favors work over wealth
o Overhauling the pension and health care system to protect workers and retirees
o An economic recovery plan that promotes ‘green collar’ jobs, good wages, the right to organize, infrastructure … and a bunch of other measures that would make our economy work for everyone


Come and let the banks and politicians know that our tax dollars are not for bailing wealthy people out of bad gambling debts. Wear cowboy hats, boots, bandanas etc for this SHOWDOWN @ HIGH NOON. Jessie Ulibarri of the Colorado Progressive Coalition and nationally syndicated columnist and author, David Sirota, will speak at this event.

When: Wednesday, October 1, NOON
Where: Federal Reserve Bank 1020 16th St in Denver (16th St. Mall between Arapahoe and Curtis).